Someone’s getting old

Tristan is adjusting very well to having a little sister. He doesn’t lose his shit when I hold her anymore, or even when I nurse her – although he is a complete punk about trying to steal my nursing pads. He gives Kirianna kisses, comments on her crying without seeming resentful, and can even sleep through it when she’s very fussy.

Two things that Tristan used to love are messing with him these days: the wind and music. He was formerly fascinated by wind and loved to watch trees, etc. swing and feel the wind in his hair. A while ago (when I got my new car) he started getting upset when the windows were open, and for that I do not blame him as the wind was far more tolerable with my old car. However, these past few months, he’s refused to play outside and has gotten very mad even when going from car to store if it was “too windy.” With regard to the music, when he was very little he would enjoy when we would sing to him; that hasn’t been the case for several months now unless it’s a kids’ song or a couple of other non-kids’ songs. These past couple of weeks he’s been asking for the music in the car to be turned off in most cases, but he does have some preferences. He’s learning to ask for a song called “The Cross” by a band called Within Temptation, and he has some tolerance for rock with a female lead singer.

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