Trick or treat

We got to go trick or treating this year, and Tristan gets the hang of it! He also wanted to do some more trick or treating after Halloween ended. We did steal a lot of his candy, but he seemed to be OK with that. We dressed him as a dragon; either he really likes dragons (yay!) or doesn’t give much of a shit what his costume is yet (yay for a lack of drama!). But I think that he might be interested in celebrating holidays a little more after this.

Tristan started his new school in the middle of October. He likes it so far, although he misses the school bus a LOT. He asks to go on the bus just about every day when I go to pick him up. There aren’t as many kids in his class, but they all seem to be pretty tight so far. His school day is a little bit shorter than it was and there’s no more social group.

Tristan is now.. gasp.. able to go to sleep without requiring a parent sitting in his room or lying in his bed. He can be told to go to bed, tucked in, and he SLEEPS!!! We have been waiting for this for literally years. Two factors might have affected this, and who knows what else: we turned his bed upside down so that it’s now a loft bed instead of a canopy bed, and we’re no longer latching his door shut at night. Who the hell cares, either way – he can do it! That’s probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in a long time with him.

His usage of language improves a lot as time goes by; we’ve gotten some noticeable gains lately. He’s a veritable fountain of want – “I want to play with the water” and then about twelve seconds later, “I want to go in mommy’s car.” Rinse and repeat. But he uses the full sentences and gets his pronoun right at least half of the time (well, I/you/me – he’s not advanced enough for third person in most cases).

Today we went to two birthday parties for little girls he’s known for a few years. He was very good about sitting still when needed (he got a dragon painted onto his hand!) but got overstimulated and started flying around the yard/room at both of them. Not too bad – nothing I wouldn’t expect from any other four year old.