Crib acceptance

This nap that Tristan’s currently taking is his first actually in his crib! Let’s hope this trend continues.

We’ve been trying to get him used to it, so we can actually have him sleep in his own room come time (and so we can put him somewhere that doesn’t require constant supervision). But until this nap, he’d become overstimulated and start flailing his arms and legs (developing puntypaws!) and then eventually become agitated and start screaming. We have/had a mobile hanging that was removed by James last night in an effort to discourage said overstimulation, but it seems that Tristan is also interested in the camera mounted above the crib, which I am watching him on from downstairs. In any event, I hope he’s just been nervous about the new, scary crib and will be willing to sleep in it in the future. I’m really pleased that he’s doing so, especially after how the night went last night – it took me three tries to get him to sleep in his bassinet, which meant it was near or after 4am before I got to sleep. Silly baby!

2 month checkup and shots

Today was Tristan’s second “well baby” visit to the doctor. It was fairly uneventful – he didn’t even crap up his diaper in the exam room! I’ve updated the “About” page with his current and not as current measurements, if you’re curious. Anyway, the doctor proclaimed him normal but huge and checked his oxygen saturation after seeing bluish discoloration on his face surrounding his mouth. All was well, thankfully.

We went next door for his vaccinations and he took them like a trooper. Of course, he was fairly pissed off about the three shots in the leg, and he’s been kind of fussy all evening. Tristan is now familiar with infant Tylenol! I think 2 months is a little bit young to put a little baby through all of that, especially since for the next 4 days he’s going to be a bit feverish, but the things we do for our kids so they don’t end up with shit that will kill or paralyze them..

A day with a baby

If the day goes well, it looks something like:

1am: contemplate sleep, get last feeding ready
2am: feed last feeding upstairs in Tristan’s room, burp him, fail to burp him, change diaper, succeed in burping him, hold him as he fusses
3am: lie down next to a snoring James with Tristan on the other side, convince Tristan to go to sleep
3:20am: stick sleeping Tristan in his bassinet and tuck a blanket around him, try to fall asleep
8am: hear the telltale fussings of a hungry baby, get up, get bottle and baby, retreat to Tristan’s room, feed/burp/diaper
9am: repeat convincing baby to sleep, get him to bassinet, go to sleep, wake up for James’s alarm, snuggle with James until he leaves for work, go back to sleep
10am, 11am: wake up as Tristan sleep-fusses, rejoice as he settles back down
12:30pm: wake up as Tristan fusses and get him a bottle, go downstairs and feed/burp/diaper
2pm: put Tristan in bouncy chair as he alternately giggles and fusses, pump milk
3pm: hold Tristan as he practices lifting his neck and fusses, write journal entry, debate getting shit done

..and this is a day where everything goes well!

Gassy baby

Earlier today I had Tristan lying face-down on my belly, so he could lift his head up. He raised it and held it up, and I said, “Go, Tristan, go!” At that moment he crapped his diaper.

Just a moment ago, I leaned down toward him and sniffed. Smelled like he needed a diaper change, and I said so out loud. At that moment he farted.

Silly baby.