IEP meeting 2012

Tristan’s IEP meeting was on Monday. It was infinitely less painful than last year’s, probably due to our growing familiarity with the system, the lack of testing necessary, and the fact that it only took an hour. Tristan’s services, will remain mostly the same for next year, except for OT being put on consult rather than receiving an hour per week of service. He will be in the same special education class and attending speech therapy as well as a social skills class. The folks who have been working with Tristan seem to have a good picture of his strengths and weaknesses, so that encourages me.

Super Mario

Tristan has started playing Super Mario Bros as of yesterday! James busted out an emulator version on his computer and showed Tristan how to walk while he did the jumping. Soon, they graduated to James’s old Nintendo DS and Tristan began to learn to play on his own. Granted, he’s not great yet, but it’s only been one day and none of us were great at playing within our first day and we started older than 3 and a half.

Now, video gaming is most certainly not the way to athletic success, but nobody in this household is successful athletically, so that’s fine with us. We’re a geek household and we’ve been waiting for this day for about as long as I waited to take a mommy-baby bike ride. Tristan has officially reached the age where he’s more of a kid than a baby and it’s been really nice to spend the cooperative time with him. Now, to get him playing some RPGs..