We had a lot of fun around the Halloween season. We even went to a church party with Ethan and Evan on Halloween night. We also went to Google’s peoplefest a few days prior. His school also had a Halloween parade where he got to go to school in costume. Tristan was dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine and got plenty of “wows” from other kids.

Speaking of Ethan and Evan, they have unfortunately moved away in the middle of November. Tristan finally stopped asking about them every day about two weeks later. We all miss them and their family terribly. It will be difficult to come by friends like them.

Tristan is improving in two areas: the potty and eating. I’ve been carrying around a very portable potty for him to use when he’s afraid of the ones in public; we’re down to needing to use it instead of auto-flushers only. And he’s sitting next to me eating sausage and “spicy chicken” (it’s fake chicken) with.. a FORK. By HIMSELF. Yay for small victories!