No Crib Shall Hold Him

Last night, Tristan figured out how to climb out of his crib, finally. Hilarity did not ensue. He’s not very stable when he does so, so we couldn’t quite just let him go for it (he tended to effectively dive out head first, and, if lucky, grab the post and swing – if not, head first drop).

So we converted the crib to a toddler bed. Turns out he wasn’t having any of that. So last night, we wound up spinning the crib so the higher back rail was in the front, and the now-open front was against the wall (so he wouldn’t climb out). He thankfully didn’t think to climb out the side (still low enough that he can).

Well, until this afternoon that is. He wouldn’t stay in with the open side out, and when Kirin spun it around again, he started climbing out of the crib. So, he just didn’t get a nap today. Still didn’t actually go down for his nightly sleep until 9:30 – but the interesting thing is, we just took out all of the most dangerous stuff, left some night lights on, left his door locked (with the toddler lock at the top) and let him roam as he would. After 15 minutes of climbing in and out of bed and running around his room, he finally climbed in, flopped over, and decided to go to sleep.

So now, for the first time, Tristan has chosen to sleep in his own bed, of his accord. Yay!