A new sibling

On March 11th, Tristan’s little sister Kirianna was born. Tristan doesn’t like her much quite yet. We hear that’s pretty normal, though.

We got home from the hospital on the 13th. Tristan did very well without me there for a few days. But he is very jealous of the baby whenever I am the one holding her. He can handle it when anyone else has her, but for some reason she represents a threat to him when I’m caring for her. He says the following:

“Baby sister Kirianna stand up?”

“Baby sister Kirianna go lay down in the bed please?”

“Bye, Kirianna!”

One thing that has made his life easier has been the visit with Grandma and Aunt Cindy. Both of them have given him tons of personal attention and have made him feel less scared in this new situation. He’s gotten rather attached to both of them and knows to ask for them by name. In fact, he has spent lots of time hugging on them and refusing to hug me (in an “in the mood for them” way, not in an “I don’t like you anymore” way, if that makes sense). It really warms me to see him getting attached to family like that – it’s great to have family, and even more great that he gets attached to specific people and decides to form a real bond with them.

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