We are now saying Yes

The main news for this month is that Tristan has begun to say “yes” in proper context. He’s been saying “say yes” for “yes” part of the time but he’s working on that. It’s been about two weeks now. It also makes communication a hell of a lot easier when he’s sure about his answer. He’s probably gotten more of what he wants because of it.

Another Tristanism is “Tickle T!” I think he learned it from being taught to say “Trick or treat!” around Halloween. He seriously enjoys being tickled and asks for it quite often, especially when we’re snuggling up in bed before or after a sleep. Of course, it gets him worked up and makes it hard for him to settle down, but so does my general presence.

As today is Christmas, we’ve spent a good portion of the day opening and playing with gifts. Most of the stuff is for him – happens when you have kids. He received a lot of goodies with his name on it, and he’s currently wearing a t-shirt with his name written in Spongebobs. He’s been quite attracted to the cup and hat with his name on them. Now, this kid rarely wears hats so that’s pretty neat.. and he discarded a Thomas shirt that he also received today to put the name shirt on.