Tristan is a month old.

He doesn’t look much different than when he was born.  That said, he hit 12 lbs., 3 oz. today.   Remember how I may have mentioned that he can wreck your back?   I wound up at the doctor’s office Tuesday for just that.   Strangely, the chiropractor managed to do more than the doctor (Indomethacin + Cyclobenzaprine < a cracking which put everything back where it should be).

Also:  his cord FINALLY fell off today.  Innie or outie, only time will tell.

We’ve also found that while everyone suggests that you put him on his stomach each day to work on the muscles he’ll need to crawl,  he takes this as an invitation to take a nice little nap (unless, of course, it’s bed time, in which case he’s happy to sprawl out).

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