First bath

Last night we were able to put Tristan in his bath tub and give him his first proper bath (What with the cord stump taking a full month to fall off and all of that). Well, so far he absolutely HATES it, but we’re hoping that will change once he learns how to splash us. We got him in and out of there as quickly as possible, since he was screaming bloody murder. It’s very handy to have two people available to deal with said kicking and screaming baby, especially when attempting to wash the back of said baby (the whole sitting position doesn’t help much in that department!). He settled down once he was wrapped in the towel and dried off – he was probably somewhat chilly in addition to being weirded out by the process. Anyway, we now have one temporarily squeaky clean and fresh-smelling baby – well, we did until he immediately crapped the fresh diaper he had put on him directly out of the tub. Ahh, what a punkass our child is.. but I’m willing to bet that’s nothing unusual. At least he didn’t crap IN the tub!

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