Baby progress

We’ve been spending all of our time flitting about from appointment to appointment, most of which aren’t even for the baby. Thankfully, Tristan has been quite a trooper throughout his many voyages in the car. Today was the first time I drove with him in the car – usually James drives and I sit in the back to adjust his head in the car seat (read: keep it from flopping) because it doesn’t fit properly in the head rest. Today’s appointment was for James, who threw his back out lifting a bottle of milk.

We got a bouncer chair for Tristan, since he’s occasionally inconsolable and we were hoping it would be a distraction. For the most part, he seems to enjoy it – he looks like he wants to play with the toys attached to it. The unfortunate part of said chair is that we can’t put it on the floor in the living room, as it has “I’m a cat toy” written all over it and it’s hard to keep kitties out of there. Speaking of cat toys, we still don’t let the kitties in the room at night since I am paranoid about well-meaning snugglekitties jumping into the bassinet. And while I’m on the topic of the bassinet, the baby is starting to get more comfortable sleeping in it and he usually wakes once smack in the middle of the night (which is mid-morning to most people) to eat.

Tristan has begun to make little cooing sounds, which are so cute! It’s really trippy to hear this young baby almost babble words accidentally as he makes random sounds. Also, he may or may not have smiled without the bowel movement association, but if he has it’s been fleeting and we can’t yet replicate the results.

I was not getting along with the diapers today. First of all, during the middle of the night feeding (which was around 8 or 9 am) I had to change his diaper three times. One of these three times was accompanied by a fountain which was mostly caught by this lovely little piece of fabric, although dumbass me saw the diverted stream and removed the thing to check it out and that resulted in a mess anyway. Another diaper change of doom was at the doctor’s office – I had my first encounter with a bathroom baby changing table and I am very grateful for those, as it is difficult to change a baby while dangling off the edge of a sink. I put a bunch of toilet seat covers down on the table and I’m so glad I did – the kid managed to shit UP HIS BACK, and this ended up all over said covers, his own outfit (thankfully we keep a spare in the diaper bag), and MY shirt. Oh, but if not for our comprehensive Earth-sign diaper bag we’d have been up Shit Creek.. heh heh.. oh, wait, I sort of was, but more literally. I’m guessing the next thing to pack is extra clothing for us as well!

Oh, since I forgot – we’re disappointed in Fry’s Electronics and considering not spending money there for awhile, at the very least. Since our diaper bag is a backpack, we may not bring it into the store. That’s very annoying.. because we chose ergonomics, we can’t clean our kid up if he shits while we shop for computer supplies? I’m personally fine if they have to search bags, but not being allowed to take it in at all was utter bullshit. To top it off, the photo paper we bought there that day had to be returned because it was dented!

Anyway, he’s currently passed out on his portion of the couch and likely due for a feeding soon. Oh – just messing around I was able to get him to latch onto an actual boob the other day! I feel far more confident that if I were to give breastfeeding another try, it would be possible. Right now, the pumping is ahead of his consumption so we’re building up a small frozen supply. I’m having a small amount of luck pumping semi-hands-free with this nipple cannon bra of doom – while it does require some hand assistance, I’ve been able to use pumping time to put hours into Dragon Quest IV on my Nintendo DS instead of shitty TV shows – yay!

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