Time is flying

I swear that we were just yesterday noting that Tristan is three weeks old already, and it’ll be four the next time we blink. The days are quite busy with both the routine of making a baby happy and the other shit we’ve been thinking to get done since we’re up and feeling a little more ambitious. That being said, if I’m managing to post here, I’m on a less ambitious streak since that means I had time to sit on the couch, have two hands free, and mess around with the internet.

I really appreciate the comments – thank you for the kind words and congratulations and also for the advice and experiences. Please continue to share your thoughts with us!

We’re gaining our skills very slowly but we are gaining them, and it’s so wonderful when we figure things out and this “newborn care” thing becomes more effortless. Not to say that there aren’t millions of roadbumps ahead set out for us, some of which will be quite rough and others which will be merely learning how to calm our kid down when he’s pissed off. I’m just hoping that we will have our wisdom and wits as time goes on..

Lately, Tristan is:
– taking about 4 oz of milk per feeding
– waking up for one feeding during the night about halfway through
– crapping up a diaper almost immediately after I change a crappy diaper
– holding up his head while on his tummy or on one of our shoulders
– fussing at any temperature that James would find comfortable environmentally
– fussing right now.. punk!

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