First pediatrician appointment

We met Tristan’s pediatrician on Friday and asked her twelve thousand questions, most of which were paranoid new parent concerns that I can’t even remember (waaah, he’s peeling! What’s this mark? Why do his legs look curvy?). It’s nice to see that they have his name in the system now and he’s no longer “Male Long” – which will likely be amusing to him when he’s about 13. Aside from that, his “stats” are now:

Weight: 10lb 11oz
Height: 21.75″
Head: 15.25″

He had his first diaper rash, which thankfully presented itself fully at the doctor visit. It turned out to be the yeasty type, recognizable by the doctor without us having to try slathering on Butt Paste for three days first to see if it improved. The cure for that is essentially.. vagina cream for yeast infections. Our baby boy is using vagina cream. His ass is looking way better, though. Damnit, we went through a lot of effort to make sure his butt was dry before rediapering him, like paranoid parents likely do everywhere.

We’re also concerned and/or confused about why the center of his upper lip seems to be a blister. Is it just that the coloring isn’t complete yet? Or is that an artifact of sucking? Is it normal? Is something actually amiss? His doctor had no clue, but said she’d seen that a few times this week.

Also, his cord stump hasn’t fallen off yet. It seems to be partially detached, though.

Other than those things, he’s doing really well! Right now he’s doing pseudo gymnastics on the couch (it’s a soft recliner couch with the cracks protected from little baby feet, and he’s far away from the edge). He’s opening his eyes and he looks like he’s trying to discern what the hell is going on in his general vicinity – which is nothing altogether odd for adults but to a little baby, it’s likely quite novel.

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