Two weeks old

The time has flown so fast! So far, Tristan has:

– managed about three times to sleep through most of the night if we go to bed around 2-4 am and he’s swaddled in this thing
– performed “the fountain” three times; once for an unsuspecting grandparent, once for the nurse at the Newborn Club where they do after-release checkups, and once for James while measures were being taken to prevent it
– fed at the breast for a good half hour, although we’re still going to mostly pump even if we get breastfeeding right
– managed to consume 5 oz. of milk in a single sitting (whereas his “normal” is ~3 oz.)
– lessened his screaming that initially came with every diaper change
– been out in public countless times and only twice started fussing, both in boring situations (in a bank and while shopping for adult shoes)
– surpassed his birth weight, despite an initial loss of 10%
– lifted his head for short periods of time while being burped. He kinda looks like E.T. with his neck stretched out.

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