Tristan is learning how to draw things other than letters and numbers. Lately he’s been working on elevators and microwaves, as well as stick figures. He also draws pictures of some stickers he’s been given. He actually doesn’t remember how to spell some of those words, but he does a good job sounding them out and forming an approximation (he has to label the contraptions, of course). He’s pretty good at remembering the correct spelling once he’s been showed.

Stickers. You can tell which vehicles have kids around Tristan’s age, because there’s a very distinct “sticker window” on one side of the backseat that contains all of the loot procured from grocery stores and the like. Ours desperately needs cleaning, but he has quite a collection.

Tristan’s elevator obsession is reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively. Instead of just being happy to be on an elevator, he wants to ride over and over again. He also wants to explore all of the accessible floors instead of just going where we’re supposed to go, so we’ve seen a lot of parking lots lately.

In Tristan’s new school, he has a buddy named Kingston. They’ve had several playdates; he also has a little brother the same age as Kirianna so she gets a playdate out of it. Both Kingston and Tristan are all about the high energy and wrestling and wear each other out very well. Tristan also plays somewhat cooperatively with him, instead of his usual attempts to get attention through being obnoxious.

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