Communication gains

Tristan is stating a LOT of observations, facts, and interests.

Today, he asked me if we could stop at Lucky (a grocery store, owned by Albertson’s) so we could get more “Thank you” stickers. Now, we were near a Lucky, but probably a mile away and definitely weren’t in sight of it. I was amazed as hell that he remembered where he got the stickers and that he asked to go there. Later on in the day, he started telling me about a basketball court he saw at a school we were passing. I had no freaking clue that he knew what a basketball court was, so I was rather impressed. (I know that he knows what a basketball hoop is for, but not that he knew any of the vocabulary behind it.)

So, Christmas is coming up. Tristan kind of gets the holidays now, so I wasn’t too surprised when he started pointing out Santa. (We never bothered to talk about Santa to him past the obligatory “Do you want to go get your picture taken with Santa?” offering yearly.) He notices Christmas lights and Christmas trees. We do not yet have our tree up; this is because it’s a small fiber-optic tinsel tree that our cats find insanely delicious. Any other sort of tree would likely be Kittened with insane glee, and to my chagrin. We’ve been explaining to him that Christmas presents are something that you can ask for and receive on Christmas, but I’m not sure if that’s hit home yet. He has made one Christmas gift request: a toy microwave oven that has Numbers that count down! And it Spins! (We promptly got him the toy, which he noticed sometime between the conversation about Christmas and checkout, and kept asking if he could have it now.) We also got him a Razor scooter. I can’t remember what else we got him so far, but we’re trying to keep it small because we have Too. Much. Shit.

Digressively, Tristan bumped the back of his head today so he’s back on head injury watch (someone’s ALWAYS on head injury watch in this house..). So far he seems fine. He was being his koala-self and spin-snuggling, and veered off toward the sidewalk. Ouch.

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