Where poop belongs

Tristan is very, very resistant to the idea of pooping in a toilet even still. I’m fairly sure we’re going to make it to age 4 pooping in pull-up diapers. (And sleeping in them, but I don’t expect that any time soon; he has less control over it.) However, this week is the beginning of “shitting takes place in the bathroom.” I won’t give him a pull-up to poop in unless he is in a bathroom. I’ve been parking Kirianna outside the bathroom, giving Tristan his iPad to entertain himself, and waiting it out.

Tristan is, unfortunately, NOT ready to be independent in the bathroom with the door closed for any amount of time. I’m sure that if he wanted to, he could handle it, but after what happened this week, he can freaking wait. We have a tube of hydrocortisone ointment for a persistent rash he has on his leg; it’s kept in the diaper/underwear bin for ease of use. He closed the door and I let him alone for about 3 minutes. During that time, he took out the tube of ointment, got up by the sink, squeezed that shit everywhere, and started flooding the floor. Guess who gets supervised for a while? He had some fun helping me clean that mess up.

Today was fairly easy with the poop-speriment. He finished up about 3 minutes after I installed him in the bathroom with his entertainment and parked outside to breastfeed his sister. Then he wanted to sit in it and continue playing his game instead of having me clean him up to return to the living room. Prior to today, he spent close to an hour each time before deciding to release his bowels into the diaper. So we have a change in behavior toward the goal!

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