10 months!

Tristan has officially been out longer than he was in. I’ve officially lost all of the baby weight and 17 lbs on top (umm, below) that. Yay baby! 😀

As a summary and/or some new details –

* Tristan has spent the past week or so insisting that we walk around almost constantly. He’s pretty good at it and can even run if he wants to, but he does get lazy holding my hands. He’s a little insecure – I think he is afraid of falling.. when he was starting the pulling up he fell flat down a couple of times. He’s tried standing on his own reluctantly a couple of times and experimentally a couple of times – he can stay up for a fairly reliable 3 seconds but he panics and there goes baby on his butt. He also can walk holding onto one adult hand, but he is uneasy doing this unless there’s something to hold on to. He’s able to push his walker shopping cart around without out help, but doesn’t understand the mechanics of going anywhere but straight yet. He has taken about three unassisted steps, but again, panicked and fell. When he gets over the panicking, he will be walking. He’s a Virgo, so I expect him to want to be more proficient. But the fact that he refuses to be satisfied with getting around on his hands and knees shows that he’s interested in getting better at walking. That being said, he’s only 10 months old so it’s all good! Also, that shopping cart thing was way cheaper at Babies R Us.

* Tristan has said “mama” to me in an appropriate context once, has said “ki” a few times (when we exit his room, there’s usually someone feline there), and has said “stat” once – referring to the thermostat we wave hi to whenever we go upstairs. He’s started saying “dada” but not discriminately yet.

* We’ve semi-successfully cut Tristan’s formula consumption a bit and increased his food consumption so that he’ll reliably eat about a jar of stage 2 food in a sitting. We feed 2 and 3, but a lot of the fruit combos and freaky dishes only come in 2. Look out, because “actual food” is coming next. I think we’ve gotten real chicken and real strawberry into him, but only in microquantities.

And some milestone stuff ganked from the internets:

At 10 months, 90% of babies can…
stand holding on to someone or something [yes]
pull up to a standing position from sitting [yes]
object if you try to take a toy away [he can, but only does sometimes]
say “mama” or “dada” indiscriminately [yes, and we think he’s holding out on discriminately]
play peekaboo [yes but better with other people :D]
exchange back and forth gestures [I have only seen this sort of thing once or twice]

75% of babies can…
get into sitting position from stomach [yes]
play patty-cake or wave bye-bye [no, and we think he’s holding out on us there too]
pick up tiny object with thumb and finger [yes, and put it into his mouth unless it’s food]
walk holding on to furniture [yep]
understand “no” [I have only seen evidence of this once]

50% of babies can…
stand alone momentarily [very momentarily but yes]
point to something to get needs met [no]
say “mama” or “dada” discriminately [just once, the little punk :D]

25% of babies can…
indicate wants in ways other than crying [yes, but very few of them and most of them involve being picked up, put down, bounced, or walked in a particular direction]
play ball (roll ball to you) [he can roll it but not to us, that I have seen]
drink from a cup [yes, but he’s sort of stubborn on learning technique. He’s also VERY interested in drinking from a soda-type bottle (with plain carbonated water in it :P).]
pick up a tiny object neatly [not sure, actually.. what constitutes neatly?]
stand alone well [no]
use immature jargoning [once or twice he’s busted out with it – for those who have never heard of this term, it means when baby starts speaking in what sounds like a foreign language, using all kinds of made-up words]
say one word other than “mama” or “dada” [yes – technically TWO, but he’s only repeated the one]
respond to a one-step command with gestures [yes, but only one – “baby up” or “up” and he holds his arms out to be picked up]
walk well [hahaha not unless you count ‘while mommy and daddy are getting some sore asses and backs holding your hands’ :D]

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