I started my lunch up at about 1pm, give or take a few minutes. Tristan had already had a good portion of his, but his appetite was sort of low. I put him in the Exersaucer and sat down on the floor near him to eat. About halfway through lunch (about five minutes) he started fussing. I took him out and put him on the floor, and he continued to fuss. I scarfed my lunch, assuming he had regained his appetite, and made Tristan a quick 2oz bottle (his leftover bottle wasn’t smelling like something I wanted to put into a baby). After about an ounce of it, he wasn’t taking any more and he was still fussing. He’d only been up for about two hours, and it usually takes longer for him to be sleepy these days. I gave him a fresh diaper..

The next logical step was the teething check. This time, I definitely felt something there. Tristan stopped screaming when I let him suck on my finger. And a lot of shoving of lips and tongue later, I saw the very beginning of an erupting tooth.

Now that he’s napping (Tylenol and a sling ride helped calm him down), I don’t want to wake him to examine further, so I don’t know which tooth it is yet other than one of the bottom front two. Since this child has the snake tongue of doom, it’ll take two of us and a flashlight to get a really good look. But this baby is teething! Oh no!

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