Vegetables aren’t funny anymore

We started Tristan on his third “solid” food tonight, peas. He doesn’t seem to be a fan so far. In fact, aside from the rice cereal, he’s sort of reluctant with solids. I’m sure that will change once we throw some fruit in, though. We’re keeping a basic food log with start dates for each food, and this brings him up to three. I was reading about another family who had poor luck with the cereals and good luck with peas, but I don’t think peas are the magic food for Tristan.

One of the fun things with Tristan is making him giggle at certain words. When we screwed up our faces and said “vegetables!” to him, it would almost always make him giggle like crazy. There may be a video of this up; if not, it will be up soon. I guess now that he knows what vegetables ARE, he’ll be slower to giggle.

On an unrelated note, we have his naps figured out! He generally takes a nap between feedings, something like this (times are approximate):

10am: wake up, bottle
2pm: bottle, nap
4pm: wake up
6pm: bottle
10pm: bottle, nap
2am: bottle, back to sleep

We’re doing a lot better with waiting until he’s close to passing out before putting him in the crib, as opposed to making him cry himself to sleep. However, he’s getting better at not having to be fully asleep before he will let himself land in the crib and drift off for a nice nap. Prior to this development, putting him into the crib at any point that wasn’t the overnight sleepytime meant he’d wake as he was lowered and be somewhat pissed off about it. Anyway, he’s sleeping better and we’re finally getting some baby-free time while he naps.

Also, as of today I am down to just one pumping session per day (the evening one).

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