Time flies, doesn’t it?

Tristan is 3 months and 3 weeks old. His next month-turning is just around the corner – on Christmas, to be exact. I have no idea where December has gone, honestly. I’m looking at my general correspondence and it seems to date to the end of November. The workload has been sort of heavy lately (Empyrean Dragon as well as the work that is life) and I’m just getting a breather now. Imagine how life feels when a “break” means there’s time to clean the kitchen!

So, for a few days Tristan was a rollin’ fool but he seems to have forgotten how to roll. In some ways, I’m glad for this, as I’m terrified to find him face down in his crib before he’s able to get out of that position easily. I still haven’t ordered the mattress cover but now that I have a few minutes, I should really do that. Anyway, he does seem frustrated when he plays on the floor and that’s a shame. But I am confident that he will get back to rolling when he’s good and ready.

His biggest amusement seems to be my head. When I lean over him, he grabs for my hair and face and looks as amused as he can get. But he’s not showing a whole lot of interest in toys yet. There’s some recognition that toys are playthings and he will grasp a rattle if you hold it out to him, but he doesn’t seem to independently seek out toys and gets overstimulated rather easily.

We got him a playpen (or as it’s called in modern-day English, a playard) but he doesn’t particularly like to play in it. He’ll nap in it, but he gets pissed off if we put him in there wide awake. We decided to get it so he’d have a place to punt around and roll over that doesn’t have litterpaws tracking over it all of the time, but so far it’s just a downstairs bed.

We also got him a high chair (slightly different design) so that we could start the “feeding real food” process when he’s ready. So far, he seems somewhat amused by it or pleased that he can watch us eat. He does seem interested in what we’re eating, but we still haven’t gotten to the point where we think he needs solids yet. We’ll see at his next doctor’s appointment if it’s advisable.

Tristan has been sleeping well, maybe even too well, as he sleeps through the night about every over night and then sleeps after that feeding until well into the afternoon. It’s not as disturbing if we realize that we tend to have a shifted schedule compared to the rest of the world, where everyone goes to bed around 1 or 2, including baby. However, in the evenings he’s been fussy and we can’t figure out just why. We thought he might be teething but there’s nothing to indicate that he is at this point, and everything else about him seems fairly normal.

Anyway, he seems to be asking for a meal!

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