The bicyclist

We spent money getting Tristan:

A balance bike (sometimes called a push bike)

A regular pedal bike with training wheels

A Razor scooter

A cheap shitty bike from Goodwill so he can try the size down and maybe be confident

He ultimately prefers the push bike. He’s pretty fast at it – I’ve clocked him going 6mph when he’s speeding along. He also listens like a fucking rockstar to directions while on a bike ride, though he sometimes needs reminders to follow rules like kids do in general. He’s wearing out the soles of his shoes and I’d like to see him train with pedals, but he’s just not ready yet. I have to remember to throw the idea of either of the other two pedal bikes at him when he’s bored out of his skull with riding the push bike, or if he sees his peers riding a pedal bike (maybe).

I’m probably sending Tristan (metaphorically) to the “New York School of Not Getting Squashed in Traffic” It’s pretty concise: keep your ass away from traffic and know where traffic is, I realized tonight that he’s more scared of traffic than we are. This is a good sign; he takes it seriously and probably won’t try to clown it out.

Kindergarten bullcrap is rapidly approaching. We haven’t had Tristan’s IEP meeting yet, but we have a feeling that his impulsiveness will cause him to need to remain in Special Ed in Kindergarten. Perhaps he will choose to ride the bus next school year. But we didn’t get into the school Tristan currently goes to, which has a 10/10 “score” probably on GreatSchools. There are two more possibilities now: the default school for our area or the school that has the Special Education Kindergarten (etc.) classes.

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