We decided to try to finally make use of our Benihana gift certificate from Chistmas, today.  Took Tristan to a park in the area beforehand, and let him burn off some steam.  Maybe too much.

Tristan was a bit fussy/restless – managed to ply him with milk and an iPad, for the most part.  He actually consumed some of the mushroom/onion soup they had – which was fairly shocking.  But he wouldn’t eat corn, or rice, etc., which was equally shocking,.

The meal itself was fairly uneventful, for the most part.  Until about the main entree.  Kirin tried to feed Tristan a kernel of corn – and he puked all over.   To the extent that I was unaware he could contain that much… stuff.   It’s somewhat amusing that it’s basically the second time we’ve ever seen him actually puke.  He hit his shirt/pants, as well as the table, and his plate (which, based on the timing, the chef didn’t notice and tried to serve his chicken on, requiring Kirin to argue that the damn well should make a new order of chicken)

One of the others at the table evidently tried to give Kirin advice about how to avoid such in the future (uhhh, we’ve had Tristan puke a grand total of twice in almost three years, and this was a result of him gagging on the food – I think we’re good, thanks).

We, unfortunately, hadn’t really planned for such.  I managed to improvise a new outfit out of a sweatshirt and pair of shorts that happened to be in the car.  He took it fairly well – he got over it pretty much immediately (once he realized I wasn’t taking him to the bathroom, at least).

We wound up taking the food to go – Tristan fell asleep on the way home (he’d woken up at 7:45 this morning, so that part wasn’t shocking).  Thankfully, the food reheated fairly well.

Best part?  In all the chaos of Tristan puking everywhere, I totally forgot to use the gift card – so I guess we’ll be headed back there, eventually.  Maybe we’ll hit the one in Burlingame instead.

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