Apple achievements

Tristan is in the midst of a language explosion.  He’s learning a shitload of labels associated with objects and he’s busting out with the most adorable and surprising speech.  Some of the more notable things Tristan is saying include: apple, all done, purple, peach, puppy, please, and moon.

There is an apple on the iPad that Tristan has learned to entertain himself with since Christmas.  He gets quite excited and says the word apple when he sees it.  He also announces that real and photographed apples are in fact, apples.  I don’t expect him to put one in his mouth and eat it until he sees me do it, but it’s awesome that he knows what it is.  Especially since he’s probably seen about three up close in his lifetime.

Samurai is finally a puppy and not a cat.  This suits us, as we actually refer to him as a puppy rather than a dog.

And Tristan finally has a word to request something that he developed on his own and isn’t prompted for.  “Apple” has become a word for the iPad, due to the aforementioned logo on said case.  This is a major milestone!

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