End of an era!

Tristan pooped in the bath today. It was the very first time. I was hoping he’d make it to age 2 without pooping in the bath, but today was that day. It’s also really freaky when you see and smell poop, but you didn’t see it happen.. and you KNOW you may have looked away for three seconds.. And if he ate it, thankfully he was REALLY stealthy because I saw no evidence of such.

Also, we’re working on Nap Restructuring again. Tristan decided that he wasn’t taking a nap the day before yesterday. For a kid who normally takes a 3 hour nap, this is significantly odd. However, most of us are of the opinion that since he’s about 2 now, he can really use more sleep overnight and less sleep midday. Following his natural rhythm is not so easy anymore with his full schedule, so we have to artificially shape it a bit. We tried yesterday – I put him down an hour late for nap and we woke him up after 2.5 hours, meaning to put him down half an hour earlier, but we failed at the earlier part.

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