14 months old

It’s freaky how much older 14 months sounds than 13 months. It seemed that when people asked his age, he was a “huge” 13 month old and a “big” 14 month old.

We’re still working on those molars but he’s a pretty good sport about it all. But he’s using his teeth to chew very nicely. He seems to have a taste for small pieces of chicken – he will gobble them up whereas he wasn’t much interested before. Specifically, James made his World Famous Fajitas (or at least North San Jose Famous ones :)) and Tristan came up to me while I was eating mine in his room and demanded some, much like how a cat would demand food. I’m so happy to see him interested in more food, so I held out one hand with pieces of chicken while I ate mine with the other hand. That’s not a habit we intend to continue – eating in the bedrooms or having my hand serve as a plate, actually. (By the way, we’re lazy enough to eat in bed if we could. But we are cohabitating with some very sneaky ants who find food wherever it falls, and it’s carpeted in there, so even Samurai can’t find dropped food most of the time.)

Let’s see.. I am not sure if he’s acquired more words but he seems to be very interested in language. He may be saying ‘dog.’ He knows the word ‘airplane’ but I don’t really understand him most of the time when he says it – I can tell by context because he looks up and there one is. He loves his reading videos, which we leave on in the dining room while we’re home along with some of the lately-mocked Baby Einstein videos that he enjoys (hey, I got them because he likes the damn puppets, not because I expect him to start engineering at age 2).

We have his toys set out in the dining room and in his bedroom. He has free roam of most of the place, but we know he needs to be watched more carefully when he’s in the mood to play with the home rather than his toys (getting into doors, closets, etc.).

He’s still going back and forth between how many naps he wants to take, but he definitely takes shorter naps when he takes two of them. One seems to work on most days.

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