Day care

We were scheduled for a meeting involving our attempt at a home, and we recently found out that James’s job provides back-up day care up to five times per year. Since we (at the time) had no alternative plans, we set up a session of day care for Tristan.

We woke up at 8am (the buttcrack of dawn in our household) to start getting ready and pack Tristan’s crap for the day care visit. At 8:30 we dragged Tristan out of his bed and gave him a bottle, and he was mostly OK with this. Since he usually wakes up closer to 10, we decided to have the day care staff feed him his morning solids as well as lunch. By 9:15, we pulled into the facility, brought him in, got checked in, and he was UP! He didn’t even notice we were standing to the side of a room full of kids; he was off walking! He barely noticed when we left, either. But this made us feel that we made the right decision to leave him for the time being.

And then! What do you think we would’ve done with the day after going to our house meeting? That’s right – we went to the amusement park. We essentially ditched our kid to go to Great America. And it was awesome, even though we had to walk a few miles to figure out where the damn water stuff even was. Even better, there’s SO much to do there with babies. But this time, we didn’t have to drag one through to find out.

We went to pick Tristan up from the day care and found him being pulled along with three other babies in a wagon, ready to go play. He looked like he was having so much fun, but he was so SLEEPY! He apparently does not nap well in strange places, so he napped about half an hour the whole day. At home, he sleeps for two hours during his morning nap still. He ended up taking a long-ass evening nap and we’ve wrapped around to the next day, where he’s now awaiting my arrival to retrieve him from the crib.

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