Sleeping and eating

Tristan has been a reliable through-the-night and through-the-nap sleeper since around 5 months old. I don’t remember when specifically, but I’m sure it’s discussed in here. Anyway, I think he’s edging toward some sort of change since it’s been rather difficult to predict naptimes and he’s been waking up pissed off a lot at times he shouldn’t be awake. Thankfully, he’s happy to be climbing around in his crib but I really expected him to sleep a bit longer. In any event, we have some swimming planned for this afternoon!

Oh, and today was the first time he actually ate an entire jar of stage 3 food. It was the sweet potato bisque that was pretty darn smooth and of course containing the main thing that’s easy to get into him in its name. We’re still not having a lot of luck with getting him to put food into his own mouth or us having him eat anything that resembles ‘real’ food, but all we can do is keep trying! And go swimming, of course.

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