Holy shit, this baby is getting old!

Tristan’s tooth is fairly visible now. It’s still very small, but it’s visible if you can get him to move his giant tongue aside. It’s just the one (bottom left) but it’s here and probably causing him to be cranky.

He quite possibly crawled today. We were all playing upstairs with him and he rolled all around the room, to places that were somewhat troublesome like the corner of the nighttable and the foot of the chaise lounge. We were playing human fence to keep him out of trouble – no, we haven’t babyproofed and I’m hoping to not have to, because we plan to move by the time real babyproofing is necessary. That being said, perhaps some extra pillows may do the trick. Anyway, he rolled around the room and he also got up on his hands and knees, and we think he got a “step.” We’re expecting a bit more crawliness to come!

Tristan is almost 6 months old already!

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