2 month checkup and shots

Today was Tristan’s second “well baby” visit to the doctor. It was fairly uneventful – he didn’t even crap up his diaper in the exam room! I’ve updated the “About” page with his current and not as current measurements, if you’re curious. Anyway, the doctor proclaimed him normal but huge and checked his oxygen saturation after seeing bluish discoloration on his face surrounding his mouth. All was well, thankfully.

We went next door for his vaccinations and he took them like a trooper. Of course, he was fairly pissed off about the three shots in the leg, and he’s been kind of fussy all evening. Tristan is now familiar with infant Tylenol! I think 2 months is a little bit young to put a little baby through all of that, especially since for the next 4 days he’s going to be a bit feverish, but the things we do for our kids so they don’t end up with shit that will kill or paralyze them..

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