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*Tristan’s been in better spirits lately than he was about a month ago. We’d figured he was teething, but if he was/is, he’s going about it quite slowly. That being said, it’s been two and a half weeks since we’ve been in our new place, and he really seems to be enjoying his freedom. Also, his mood tends to be improved when we go places that require him to be in the sling for long enough to be a fun ride.

*He’s started snacking between meals. Borrowing from another mom’s experience, we’ve begun to set out a table with food on it for him to pick up and go. He’s quite a comfortable eater of chunks of food and pieces of cereal, as well as getting familiar with picking up bigger things and chomping from them. That being said, he’s leaving crumbs everywhere he goes and the dog must be jaded because he only licks up the big stuff now. But since Tristan started taking food between meals, he’s been far less pissy if we’re late with his milk.

*Milk. He’s still drinking more of it than I’d assume could be humanly possible. That’s OK because he still refuses foods that aren’t sort of cereal/breadlike in texture. He’s taking his milk in either a bottle or a sippy cup, assuming he’s in a good enough mood – same procedure, different day. He does tend to drink a bit more of a reasonable amount of milk when it’s served from the cup – he sips it through the meal, as opposed to how he still sucks on a bottle until it’s pretty much empty before eating.

*He looks far less drunk when he walks, but he does have a long way to go with coordination. However, he’s being less careful sometimes about things like trying to stand up under a table that is shorter than he is. At least he’s not nearly as frustrated when he bumps himself in the head, so he doesn’t always scream like he used to.

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