A week in the new home

So far, it’s turning out to be fun for adults and kids alike. We miss the community and how easy it was to walk out the door and see so many babies – but perhaps we will still have the opportunity to visit often. Once I find Tristan’s helmet, we’re off! Somehow I am more encouraged to try biking than driving.

Our first big issue in the new place is that there are four stairs leading down to from the living room to the office that Tristan thinks he’s able to walk down like an adult, but we know better. He went flying down them once, when James was on top and I was at the bottom; between us all, it was more like a butt-slide, thankfully. Now there’s a gate, and for a few days Tristan would gravitate toward that whenever he took off powerwalking. The problem is that if he slipped or slid, he could fall right under the gate. We’re not sure whether we will ultimately need to jury-rig something to physically make that more difficult or whether he will learn to properly respect stairs in some way. For now, we have enough shit in moving boxes strewn about so that we can slide a box in front of the gate to keep him even further from it. For now, he seems to get the idea to stay away from it – the jumping up and pulling him away that we have to do is decreasing.

He is ninja-gobbling dog and cat food, so we have to be on top of that whenever we see any that he can reach. For the most part, it’s ok if he gets a piece of the cat food; it’s tiny and easy to chew. The dog food’s bigger kibble, though, and likely a choking hazard. That being said, cat food is easy to place out of little ones’ (and dogs’) reach, but dog food needs to be policed so that the dog actually gets a chance to eat or drink.

Tristan’s getting good at pushing and pulling things around. He’s still also very much into opening and closing doors – mostly cabinet and closet doors lately.

I am most excited by the fact that Tristan’s getting very good at playing independently. He used to want me there all the time, and since he turned one he’s backing off a bit. Thankfully, he’s not SO independent that he resists being supervised. 🙂

He still seems to enjoy being carried in the Ergo, for as much as he can stand not walking on his own. He gets antsy in the stroller after more than one store trip worth of time.

He’s getting better at trying new finger foods, eating finger foods in general quickly, and spoon-feeding himself a few bites. The sippy cup is an on-again, off-again friend. He still wants to drink milk by the gallonful rather than eat a lot of solids.

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