Food is weird

Tristan has continued to refuse any food fed to him. That being said, he’s getting steadily better at feeding himself. These past couple of days, he’s also been mostly uninterested in trying to work a spoon himself, which he has been trying about 3 times per meal previously. I went all out and bought a variety of foods intended for finger-feeding babies: veggie crackers, little corn puffs in various flavors, banana cookies, dried fruit, and whatnot – we have a box full of that sort of thing now. I’ve been offering pieces of chicken, egg, fruit from those fruit cups, and other ‘wet’ foods but it looks like he’s just beginning to handle the egg.

But glory be praised (or whatever nonsensical exclamation!), Tristan’s using his sippy cups! I’m trying to phase them in sloooowly, lest he balk completely again like he had in the past. He usually wakes from his nap in a good mood (yes – nap! because we still can get away with one or two, and one seems to be working better for him) so I’ve decided to try to keep offering it with that meal only until we’ve got that down for sure, and then try the next-least-cranky meal.. or hell, maybe I should just offer it randomly at non-cranky times, as if it’s a reward. 😛 But anyway, I’ve handed him the Born Free cup and he’s embraced it like he does his bottles, instead of eyeing it suspiciously until he either cries and smacks it off the tray or decides to drink it anyway. That’s a good sign. 🙂

Samurai’s not getting quite so much of a treat from all of Tristan’s food that landed in the high-chair seat, but I’m sure that will change as Tristan decides to drop more food when he thinks it’s funny that it keeps the dog nearby.

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