Double teething

Our little vampire now has two teeth that just poked their little heads out within these past couple of days. The bottom right, as expected, popped out slowly, but he’s also got the one to the right of where his middle teeth belong. There’s no sign of those yet, but the one on the left hand side of the middle teeth seems to be next.

Of course, we’ve had a very cranky little baby on our hands, but there are things we can do to make him feel better. Either because of the teething or because he’s just growing, he’s becoming somewhat resistant to sleep. We have a sort of guideline schedule – we know when to expect him to be sleepy, hungry, etc. based on the last time he slept, ate, etc. When it’s time for him to be sleepy, he displays his sleepiness with the fists rubbing the eyes and some yawning. But lately, when he tells us he’s sleepy and we put him in his bed, he plays for a bit, fusses for a bit, screams a bit, and then passes out about 45 minutes later. Putting him down for naps now takes 3 hours instead of the pre-teething 2 hours and a little bit of change for him to settle down.

However, he’s becoming better at independent play and entertaining himself. Either in the jumper or on the floor, he can amuse himself for a good hour before he gets sleepy/hungry/etc. It’s fun to come over and hang out with him, as opposed to not being able to go out of his sight. He’s got plenty of little toys and lots of household clutter to play with.

Tristan used to like having his diaper changed, but he screams nearly every time he’s put on the changing table these days. Most of the time he will cheer up by the time we get into it if he’s not hungry. However, teethy babies are cranky babies so we expect this. When he’s not being cranky on the changing table, he’s busy being a punkass. Last night he grabbed my elbow and put it in his mouth while on the table and appeared to keep doing it because I giggled. I’m not sure if I should reinforce the condoned gnawing on my arm, but it was really cute and hopefully a fun game for him.

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