Tristan has several different sleep schedules, depending on circumstances. He’s currently asleep, and for him to be on his second nap at 4:30ish is sort of weird.

After a long practice of snuggling Tristan to sleep on our bed or in some other manner, we have finally taught him to fall asleep in his crib. A few afternoons ago, I stuck him in his crib when he was very obviously sleepy but I had spent half an hour trying to get him to sleep using various methods including the snuggle shoulder technique (though I admit, I am a novice with that!), putting him in the bed, and later wearing him out for a walk to get him to fall asleep, I just gave up and stuck him in the crib. He passed out within 5 minutes. I took that as an opportunity to train that and so far (knock on wood and all of that) now when put in his crib while obviously sleepy – rubbing his eyes, being crankypawed for no good reason – he now falls asleep after just a little bit of fussing, and far less than while trying to get him to sleep using any other method lately.

Anyway, about the weird schedules. He wakes up at either 9 or 11. If he wakes up at 9, he pretty much wants a bottle and a change and then to sleep again until noon. He did that today, and that was because his diaper indicated that he needed a bath immediately. Ah, one thing I miss about when he lived on breast milk is that his poo was far easier to clean up and smelled sort of neutral. If he wakes up at 11, he just stays up for a bit after his feeding. Either way, he usually wants a nap somewhere from 2 to 5, depending on which way the wind is blowing or something. After James comes home, Tristan will usually get really sleepy around 8 or 9, go to sleep, get woken up for a bottle about an hour before our bedtime, and then we all sleep through the night and repeat as necessary.

I’m watching him sleep on the monitor and it looks like he may be waking up. He’s indecisive about that, though.

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