Our little punkass baby

Thankfully, Tristan has been in better spirits for the past day than he had been since the tooth started getting ready to pop.

We moved the crib into his room on Sunday night and so far it’s going well. He’s no longer waking up half an hour before me – now I get to eat breakfast! Getting him to go to sleep is getting challenging again but the most important thing is that he still sleeps through the night (except for Saturday night, where he guzzled a bottle at 6am).

He’s started to guzzle down solids – about half a jar of Stage 1 baby food in a sitting. I think he’s up for a new food today.

Last night, Tristan did the following –
* giggled when we said “go to sleep” among other really punkass things to laugh at
* bounced on his butt while sitting

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