3 months

So, to celebrate his turning 3 months today, Tristan joined me on the floor to play along while I did some Yoga on Wii Fit. By joined me, I mean of course that he was sprawled on the floor, looking as though he were trying to mimic along.

Here are some of the typical “3 month old” things he can now do:

  • Raises head and chest when put on tummy – He can practically look straight up!
  • Lifts head up 45 degrees
  • Kicks and straightens legs when on back
  • Open and shuts hands
  • Pushes down with legs when placed on a hard surface
  • Tracks moving objects
  • Recognizes familiar objects and people, even at a distance – I can make faces at him from across the room, and he’ll start giggling.
  • Begins to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Kicks legs energetically – he’s been doing that one for about 6 months, I think 🙂
  • Holds head up with control

Things a typical 3 month old can do that he doesn’t, really, yet:

  • Begins to imitate sounds – he vocalizes a lot, but no real imitation
  • Grasps and shakes hand toys – he grasps, but usually for hands. Or hair. Especially hair.
  • Reaches for dangling objects

Things we wish he wouldn’t do:

  • Interrupt his feeding to scream, just because you started talking while feeding him.

Things he can -almost- do:

  • He looks like he’s trying to roll over when on his tummy – we’ve seen him kick one leg over the other, and twist, but he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

And some atypical things he can do:

  • Perform the yoga pose – Cobra
  • Perform the yoga pose – Tree
  • Shoot laser beams from his eyes.
  • Fling a pacifier, from his mouth, halfway across with the room, one handed.

Okay, so one of the above might not really be true, but I’ll let you figure out which.

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